I (re-)started my blog two years ago today to document my life as a post-op, transsexual man. And posted another entry about celebrating another anniversary celebrating the completion of my medical transition.

People wonder why I make a big deal using ”post-op” and “transsexual” to describe myself. Yes, part of me sounds old-school using such language—but I need to maintain a distinction that people know I finished medically, socially, legally transitioning years ago, as ”transgender”, like “queer”, has no distinct meaning anymore.

Because when you have spent more of your recent life looking like and living as a man than as someone visibly “trans”, there is quite a bit of different experience. Because my goal is to live my life as a man, while a “trans” or “non-binary” person’s goal is to live some third- or alt-gender experience.

I am not going to go through a long list on how much my life has improved since then. I’ve already documented my name change, perhaps the biggest change to my life since then. There have been highs and lows, but the overall quality of life has improved.

I am very proud to state that I’ve been on HRT for eight years, that it’s been almost seven years since getting top surgery, and now it’s been five years since getting bottom surgery; that my sex change is complete. I know there will people who envy, and others who think I should chill out. Nope. While the trans borg will continue for “easier” access to name changes and changing gender markers with the need for HRT and SRS, reactionaries will intensify their fight to curb this—meanwhile, I will enjoy the earned benefits that come with having undergone a complete sex change. 😎

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