I have been back to Jersey for over a week now, taking the time to decompress and relax while waiting for my first job interview later this week. Meanwhile, I got to have fun on New Year’s Eve playing trivia and participating in Philly’s ball drop for the first time; then spending the next evening going to my friend’s first drag show in a long time on New Year’s Day.

The weather has been far warmer than anything I have experienced back in Missoula. Daytime is at least an hour longer. I am not couped up in my bedroom sharing a residency with a stranger who rarely mingled with me, only coming out when I was in my room.

I try watching cable TV—meh, still pretty much full of mind-numbing shows with commercials even more mind-deadening.

I will (hesitantly) restart my concierge subscription plan with Plume (not endorses) on Friday, with my final paycheck from DFTBA, or even as early as after the above-mentioned interview if I know I got the job. I’m stick with my HRT gel treatment to keep my mood swings in check, as costly as it is for me at the moment.

Friday I am getting my booster shot—if my reaction is going to be worse than my second shot, like I have heard many anecdotes about, that’s going to be one hell of a weekend.

Jersey is home. Moving back west finally answered that “what if” I had long thought about since returning west over a decade ago. The answer is … it wouldn’t have worked out.

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