I am not sure how to feel about the US government allowing non-binaries to put ”X” as their sex marker.

Several months ago, I put in for my second passport renewal in the last five years, to update my second legal name change to reflect my real name, the one I always originally wanted to change to.

My new passport arrived, showing off that my alias is legally recognized—I was already recognized as male by the federal government. Everything is aligned.

Montana does not allow third gender options, and recently only allows transsexuals who underwent a sex change to correct their documents. I know many non-binaries and “no-op” transgenders hate that this negatively affects them, but I think it is unfair for them to try to piggyback off the hard work transsexuals put in to undergo a sex change, wanting all the benefits but putting in none of the work. If they were allowed to use their “preferred name” for everything, change their sex marker whenever they felt like it, just access mens-only and womens-only spaces without proving their sex change…dude, especially these “gender-fluid” snowflakes, don’t get me started on them. They’re the reason why Republican states are trying to undo all the accomplishments from the past 40 years we transsexuals fought hard to get.

So, who’s up for a trip to Canada, or spend some vacation time in Mexico to avoid the harsh winter about to hit us?

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