My daily specs broke last year because the frames were way too thin, easily prone to breaking. While I had vision insurance in Missoula with DFTBA, I was so worn out from work and too often regressed into depression that I didn’t both to use it.

I made sure that the new frames I was going to buy were thick boys. What I did not care for was the frames seller at the Pearle Vision I went to promised 2-3 days delivery … but it ended up taking two weeks to get them (with persistent calling), finally getting them last night.

The frames I chose were the only ones that fell within my vision plan’s $150 ”allowance” that wouldn’t cost me a thing out-of-pocket, that didn’t have a nose guard, that didn’t blast the company’s name or logo on it (yes, I wear some Nike hoodies and other branded clothes, but they don’t blast their logos on them),, that were thick and flexible. I paid out of pocket for polycarbonate lens (while more prone to scratching, at least won’t break), antiglare, and thinning. As my prescriptions only changed for slightly worsened astigmatism, there was no need nor desire to getting tinting, as my prescription sunglasses are still good enough to wear.

Glasses are still not something I’m willing to purchase online, even if they are ”cheaper” to buy. I’m not fond of glasses centers finally getting rid of generics for ”premium” brands, as I see no better ”quality” build. I got an appointment for ”safety goggles” next month; my position as a warehouse guy really does not require them, and it’s a pretty open secret I don’t wear them. I lost my ones from days at a former job, probably lost when moving, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at a freebie. (I can use it around my parents’ house to do heavy-duty home projects or whatnot.)

It’s super great having specs again that aren’t all scratched up. I will never wear contacts, for reasons ranging from my fear of catching an infection while handling them, to the serious upkeep and maintenance using them, to that they are a fucking hassle to put on in the morning compared to just reaching over and putting them on.

Here’s hoping they actually survive this time. 🤓👓👨‍🏫

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