I’ve been bad about my diet and exercise. However, I’ve been hovering around the low-to-mid 170-lb range, enough weight to make some significant changes to my wardrobe.

Over the summer I tried a bright 80s vibe, wearing bright neon tanks with super-faded jeans. The jeans worked until I got oil and grease on them—not a good look when my position generally doesn’t deal with oil or grease, unless I’m relocating baskets, or applying the truck jacks to the trailer (which has grease on top to prevent them freezing or melding together if the weather got too hot or cold, or from creating a vacuum that would make releasing the jack near impossible to do).

I’ve been sticking to the same general workout routine, but broke up doing two sets four days a week (upper body on Mondays and Thursdays, lower body on Tuesdays and Fridays) to doing 6 days per week: shoulders, arms, and upper back on Mondays and Thursdays, legs and lower back on Tuesdays and Fridays, and core/torso workouts on Wednesdays and (if not lazy on the weekend) Saturdays. Downgraded from hitting 90 minutes of treadmill cardio daily back to an hour, while increasing how many sets and reps I do with my weight training. The goal is still the same, shredding—preserving my muscle while losing body fat.

I’ve also switched from casual and work trainers to wearing boots on and off the clock. I used to hate wearing boots because I feel like they restrained my ankles, but wearing higher-quality boots that actually fit me feels comfortable. As a kid, I always got cheap, poor-quality boots that were always too big “to grow into”; they killed my feet, which fueled a life-long disdain for them. Now I wear them because they support my ankles. I hated trashing the pair of Converse I’ve kept for 3+ years, but they killed my feet, and while I know plenty of guys my age and older who still wear them frequently, they don’t support my feet anymore, and they now represent a chapter of my life that I’ve been able to move on from.

As I continue to lose weight, I will buy smaller underwear and tank tops, but my button-downs and fleece I will keep as a large, to give me more shoulder room as my job is still physically active.

I now usually maintain a clean-shaven look, because most of my coworkers keep clean-shaven. It’s easier to shave a few times per week, then deal with the hassles of a beard and mustache.

I’m not waiting till I’m a healthier weight to date—I’m happy being single still. As kids don’t value monogamy or serious relationships today, with my history of attracting mainly tranny chasers or pre-op trannies who insist on only dating trans men, and because women around my age too frequently have or want kids—yea, there’s no point in dating, when friends and family give me the emotional side I need, and porn satisfying my physical needs.

I’m taking my time losing the weight; if it comes off quickly, it can return even faster. My goal is by Memorial Day of next year to be 140, with 15-17% body fat. Shrink my 42″ waist to below 32″. I’d rather have the saggy skin, than this lifelong spare tire anymore.

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