This is the first in what I’ll call my “Retort” series, in which I follow up on previous posts on my thoughts about things, or react to things I see on the Internet and throw in my two cents.

I have long knew that others were trying to “expand” the definition of butch to a “gender identity”, but this is ridiculous:

“There’s a misconception that lesbian means a woman who loves other women […] Actually the definition is non-men who are attracted to, and love, other non-men.”

“There are trans men who identified as lesbian for many years, there are non-binary folks of all kinds who identify as lesbians,” they added. “There’s like a zillion different ways to be a lesbian.”

Fox News

Absolute bullshit, and just further demonstration on transgenders trying to erase gender diversity and helping destroy all the rights gays, lesbians, and bis in same-sex relationships have fought long and hard for, and yet insist on attaching themselves to the LGB community—despite their inconsistency on insisting, somehow still, there’s a difference between sexuality and “gender identity”.

A lesbian is a woman who is solely attracted to other women. If you are attracted to men in any shape or form, then you bi…or pan/poly/whatever people today are calling themselves.

Just like how I think it’s assault when a trans “woman” insists on forcing biological women to date them, taking the term “lesbian” and trying to “expand” it just so transgangers can try to “legitimize” their existence is misogyny, erases the history of lesbianism, and rewriting the definition of terms to suit their argument.

Does this mean we can use the term “gay” to mean any “non-man” attracted to another “non-man”? No. Gay folk, especially gay men, would find it especially offensive and finally get on board with the rest of us realists and tell trannies to shut up.

This taking and redefining of what it means to be a lesbian is a double dose of misogyny; not only does it take the term away from women, as we came up with the name ourselves, but it also erases our unique history separate and alongside that of gay men.

It’s hard enough with “butch flight” and having to fight for gender diversity as a butch woman myself, having to fight a well-funded propaganda machine insisting now that any form of gender diversity no longer exists but instead says, “No, you’re trans.” I will admit, yes, that I once believed that the main “difference” between a butch and “trans man” is that the butch still knows she’s a woman, while a “trans man” thinks she’s a man, because that’s how she “feels” and “identifies as”. It’s still misogyny because it encourages us to further hate our bodies, hate ourselves as women, and rather than deal with healthy coping mechanisms, try to dismantle gender stereotypes, and learn how to accept our bodies are they are, they feed our self-doubt and low self-esteem by telling us to castrate ourselves, pump our bodies full of xenosteroids, and mutilate our bodies to “feel better”.

I have come to learn that the “gender dysphoria” I have forever felt is a universal feeling all young girls and women have, the self-hate for our bodies. Maybe because we are stocky instead of curvy. Maybe because we’re too fat or too thin. Boob and butt sizes. When our periods hit, and everyone sees the accident on our pants or picks up on “the smell”. Because we do not look like the Hollywood ideal of what it looks like and “means” to be a woman. As a result of my castration and mutilation, I am now flat-chested. I will be forever bald. I will have to go onto and remain on estrogen therapy. The facial hair is permanent, even if it just thins out once I go onto estrogen. (I am fine with the fact I lack my reproductive organs and no longer get periods; as I suffered PCOS, my periods were super painful and heavy, and my chances for ovarian cancer were great, a hysto was going to happen regardless.)

As a lesbian, I am horrified that people across the board are trying to water down “lesbianism” rather than create their own terms for themselves, so that we who are lesbians can find others with the same label and definition be able to continue to seek each other out. Now, if I want to date, now I have to play 20 questions on my first date rather than get to know her as a person!

Thank god I’m not ready to date again as I de-transition. I know it should be, “Love is about hearts, not parts”—but this is beyond ridiculous.

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