For 15 years
Your memories
I allowed them to stop me
From pursing a career
From moving ahead
From freeing myself from this cage.

For 15 years
Your memories
Trying to pursue this passion
I tried to chase down others
All but fleeting dabbles
Nothing that caught my attention

For 15 years
Your memories
When I tried to chase my dreams
Your thoughts were always there
Any pleasure I wanted to pursue
The pain you caused was there.

For 15 years
Your memories
Blinded me from my strength
Prevented me from living my life
Chained me down to this godforsaken wall
Caged into this damned hell.

For 15 years
Your memories
Prevented me from reclaiming myself
But new friends and memories
Have relieved me of your burden
And give me the strength to pursue this once again.

The chains are broken off, the cage burst out from
My wings may still have their scars,
A bit weak, but I retain my ability to fly away free
They spread open as I lift off into the rain
The rain that’s catharsis and relief
Where I’m heading, I don’t know
It’ll be a while before I figure it out
I’m just enjoying the freedom now.

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