As much as I am trying to lose the weight while still being fat myself, I do have a few (more) thoughts on obesity in this country.

Progressive radicals insist on universal healthcare, but as a society and as taxpayers we can’t afford it if our country remains with 50%+ obesity, half of that being morbidly fat. If we want to improve our healthcare system, we need to first trim the fat…literally!

Regardless of whether we keep our current privatized system or go universal, anyone with a BMI over 30 should pay a 25% increase of whatever the base premium rate is, and 50% if their BMI is over 40. They are damn well more likely to have to take medications for cardiovascular and other health issues that would’ve not happened had they been a healthy body weight. Because they have to go the doctor more often for ailments they shouldn’t have to suffer from. No more covering wheelchairs and scooters because they can’t walk or “have mobility issues”. Additionally, cut them off welfare because their weight supposedly has now made them “disabled”. Use those added funds from increased premiums to subsidize people who keep their weight at optimal BMIs, or add perks like gym memberships and fitness trackers.

Better yet, if the doctor reports someone is fat, the insurance company shouldn’t be footing the bill for medications, surgeries, and treatments because they’re fat. Bariatric surgery should be seen as “cosmetic” and no longer funded!

If a parent is morbidly obese, remove the kids from the home. Those kids are likely to adopt the same behaviors and further strain the system.

Stop giving food subsidies to farmers who sell to junk food companies, while taxing the shit out of anything with added sugar, fat, and salt. Instead, incentivize farmers to sell their goods to companies that just sell produce and meats as is, rather than wheat, sugar, and corn to make junk food; and meats to produce fast food. Subsidize produce more, using the taxes imposed on junk food to fuel those tax incentives.

Companies shouldn’t have to produce anything beyond an XL for people who are trying to buff up at the gym. Make companies stop “vanity sizing” and return to strict military size charts, and only offering sizes for healthy, fit people. A&F and Express have no obligation to cater to fat people, so why should Walmart?

Ban all commercials for junk food, video games, and other unhealthy habits from children’s television.

Our healthcare costs are not just because big pharma is greedy; it’s because fat people insist the world cater to them. Obesity carries too many health risks, and our healthcare system is set up to cater to them instead of the healthy and fit; as long as we have medications and an a foundation that promotes obesity instead of discouraging it, universal healthcare makes no sense, and it’s the fit and healthy who end up paying for it.

It’s not “fatphobic”. It’s just common sense.

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