The left hates me because I’m transsexual. The right hates me because I’m transsexual.

The left, because of the “label” I choose to call myself; the right, often because religionists don’t care for us who undergo sex changes.

I had been a registered member of the Democrat since I was 18. Except for some local politics, I would always vote in the Democrat primaries—except in 2017, when I was not at all for what candidate (now currently governor) Phil Murphy stood for, especially as he’s a Wall Street guy who had shown little interest in New Jersey until he wanted to enter politics.

Okay, so not always did I vote Democrat; plenty of years I had voted for various Libertarian and Green Party candidates, especially in my late teens and early 20s when I could first vote.

I am tired of the Democrat Party platform. Chasing after the vote of minorities at the expense of pursuing a platform that benefits all of society. Claiming to value diversity, until times get tough (like a Presidential election). “Mandates” that seem to follow tyranny than actual science. Borrowing with no plan to balance state or national budgets. Demanding constant increases in taxes without a detailed budget, often with tonnes and tonnes of earmarks. Inconsistency with messages, like mandating “bodily autonomy” for transsexuals and abortion access but not allowing it for masks.

I am not a fan of big government. I do not want my taxes going up for welfare, when there is no requirement to work, attend school, do volunteer work, something; and then disincentivizing someone from trying to find work by decreasing benefits so much they are financially worse than before.

Democrats have claimed they’re anti-war…but start or continue wars.

But I have my personal issues with the DNC. Not talking to Republicans about anything and calling anything “bigotry” the moment there’s disagreement. Wanting total gun bans without talking to reasonable, responsible gun owners. Catering to identity politics.

Despite being a registered Democrat at the time of our primaries, I wrote in candidates’ names that were on the Republican ballot.

I am not saying Republicans are any better. White power groups. Anti-immigration. Anti-homelessness. Trying to allow Christians exemptions to anything anti-discrimination, or at least trying to pass laws that benefit Christians at the expense of other religions. Trying to ban same-sex marriage and access to sex change remedies.

But that’s stereotyping all Republicans. I know Democrats who are against gun control, and Republicans who are in favor of same-sex marriage. I know blacks who vote Republican, and Latinos who hate DACA. I know gays who couldn’t care less about marriage equality (if not outright object to it), and other transsexuals like me who are in favor of “restricting” access to HRT and sex reassignment surgeries to those who go through the old-school therapy and RLE sessions. Even my old man, a life-long Republican, believes we should maintain the separation of church and state, and my mom is pro-choice.

Republicans, especially Rockerfeller Republicans like my family and general area, aren’t all dyed of the same fabric. Many of us are freethinkers, don’t agree on many of the more extreme stances either party are increasingly adding to their agendas and platforms. Both sides seem to want an increasingly authoritarian stance, whether it’s Democrats with our public lives or Republicans with our private lives.

But that’s the thing about the Republicanism I know, of my parents’ youth—Republicans were in charge when Roe verses Wade passed, when the FDA approved of the Pill, that brought about the Civil Rights era. Republicans were about minimal government, especially regarding private affairs. (Yes, I know, things have changed greatly since the 70s.) The Republicans I know don’t want to negate the importance of OSHA, workplace safety, or workers’ rights; they just want to reduce the amount of bureaucracy that’s involved that makes it so hard to start a business today. And most gun owners I know have no problem banning military grade weapons, they just cross the line that you can’t own a small handheld that’s meant for self-defense unless you “prove” you need it.

Many of my conservatives friends, family, and coworkers want to have discussions with their more leftist counters, but the slightest notion of “bigotry” is automatically shut down by these snowflakes, because leftists can’t “agree to disagree” anymore. They demand we have MSNBC or CNN on, but can’t dare to have Fox News or OANN on. I have seen within the trans cult especially; there is no desire for discussion, they just want to deliver their tirades, and that’s it. Anything “critical” (ie “gender criticial“) gets shut down— even from transsexuals who advocate a return to “gatekeeping”, to people who want to suggest that kids today are maybe gender variant, not trans.

Another big thing I hate about leftists now is the reliance on “experts”, rather than letting average citizens do research for themselves; wasn’t school supposed to teach us critical thinking? And any challenge to “facts” established by “experts” is considered a form of “denialism”.

I also think the left has no concept of personal responsibility anymore, and purely blames the circumstances on anyone to the environment with which they are in or were raised in; after a certain age, you can’t blame parents, or schools, or influences anymore, but the time someone reaches 18 (age of majority), they know right from wrong. Yes, some of us are born far less lucky than others, and have to work much harder to get ahead, but with enough hard work and the right networking, anyone can make it.

Democrat politicians only see us as the caricatures they stereotype us as. They see us as “one-issue” voters, as part of demographics, rather than as complex individuals. Like if you’re LGB, they think you’re solely about same-sex rights. For the trans cult, helping turn the world upside down to accommodate their narcissism. For women, reproductive rights.

I hate that liberals keep encouraging our youth to “follow their passions”, rather than build a skillset for the jobs we need. Valuing “humanities” instead vocationalism. Demanding specialized education at prices that are bankrupting a generation that hasn’t even joined the workforce yet, without providing proper funding…and then producing graduates with no proper skillsets and having them live off welfare benefits they didn’t even earn and snub their noses at any job that’s “not within their field”.

Republicanism values initiative, personal responsibility, personal liberty, drive despite your limitiations. Smaller government interference in both personal and professional spheres. Educating a workforce with real skill sets. Actually believes in immigration because they have the skills leftists refuse to teach our youth. Community and cooperation, instead of individualism to the point it’s narcissism. Modesty, instead of hedonism.

At least with conservatives they’re frank to my face that they don’t like my sex change, but then they will also admit they can’t see me as a housewife or mother. With Deomcrats, I can’t tell who’s honest in valuing me as a person, or just see me as “trans”.

Sure, there’s the whole MAGA thing. But Democrats have their radicals, too; they’re just called “antifa”:

[T]he extreme left is out of control. They are no longer the moderates or centrists of old, the kind-hearted liberals who truly wanted to help the underprivileged and champion women’s rights and change America for the better.

Things have changed. I believe the leftist culture is now made up of socialist university professors, confusion of genders, attacks on families, believing public opinion over facts, the news media’s twisting of what was said, hatred of men and white Americans and the slander of anyone they don’t 100 percent agree with.

I can no longer be a part of this group. I had to walk away.

—Joy Villa, “I’m a Republican for the first time in my life. The extreme left is out of control.”

The only difference between the two parties, it seems like anymore, is in name only. But I would rather align myself with people who may hate the fact I had a sex change, but at least still value my initiative, my worth ethic, my ability to work with others as a team. Because Republicans, the ones I’ve come to know, don’t give two shits about who you sleep with, where you come from, how you live your life, or how you dress, so as long as you work hard, help out, be a team player, and do your best.

It is totally possible to be liberal, transsexual, and Republican—without being a hot mess like Caitlin Jenner.

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