The left still hates me because I’m transsexual. The right still hates me because I’m transsexual. Because of the label I choose for myself; because I had a sex change. Just like before.

Yea…trying to be a registered Republican didn’t work out. I’ve since re-registered as a Democrat. I’d rather deal with the antifa radicals, than the MAGAts of the right. I am still coming to terms with many things, and will hate that I can’t vote in many local politics, living in a general conservative area.

At least the conservatives in my area are generally more libertarian in their viewpoints. Let women access abortion if they need to. People accept my sex change. Gays, lesbians, and bis in same-sex relationships are accepted. Let workers have a decent paycheck.

I still don’t care that many Democrat politicians see me as a one-dimensional, one-issue voter (anything associated with “trans rights”); chasing after votes of various minorities at the expense of pursuing a platform that benefits the majority of society. I’m not fond of people assuming that because of my sex change, that I have certain viewpoints or “should” have certain viewpoints. I don’t care for “identity politics”, which expects me to vote for niche interests at the expense of broader issues (i.e. inflation, healthcare, job security matter more to me than where I’m allowed to piss or swim). I don’t care that progressives expect me to use my “privilege” (i.e. earned benefits!!) to advocate for others—since when did a sex change mean I now have to be an activist?!

It sucks I will have to resort to write-ins or ballot stuffing come the primaries every year, because living in a conservative area doesn’t doesn’t promote many, if any, Democrats in local elections. For all the Republicans I know who feel like their voting at the state level feels like an empty exercise, boy they sure don’t want to hear that thought from a Democrat at the local level!

I am still not fond of any government mandate that interferes with my ability to control my body, whether it’s a ban on abortions, or mandating wearing masks. It’s called consistency in one’s belief, in this case bodily autonomy. I demand the government crack down on major social issues, but leave me alone in my private life—unlike what Republicans more and more want, which somehow includes less and less regulation on businesses (unless the business does something they disagree with), yet increase regulation more and more on our private lives.

Welfare still needs that major overhaul; only be there for people who seriously are out of work (like children, the elderly, and permanently disabled), but if someone gets fired or laid off and doesn’t find work after 6 months, kick them off their benefits and remove any children from the home. Get rid of subsidies for people who are only working part-time, because it gives them no incentive to look for full-time, permanent work. Make the value of welfare benefits less than that of someone on minimum wage, to discourage freeloading. Eliminate all cash benefits, which can be used without any kind of oversight (because I’ve been there, done that). Encourage the use of food snaps at farmers’ markets and other places that have yet to adopt them. Give landlords incentives to join Section 8 housing. Meanwhile, we need to revamp our education to favor trades, manufacturing, and industry over “following one’s passions”, so our job situation is fixed. Stop funding “liberal education” in favor of specialized training, whether it’s votech training, polytechnical education, majoring in a STEM field (not STEAM, the arts are NOT allowed to join that collection of fields). Make high school three years teaching the general basics (aka “reading, writing, and ’rithmetic”), and make college that 2-3 years only consist of specialized training (as often freshman and sophomore years are usually just wasted years of high school rehash, a cash grab for colleges currently), so when a teenager becomes 18 or 19, they can graduate as an adult at the age of majority and join the work force immediately, thus ending the increasingly infantilization of our young adults. Or, if a teenager at the age of 16 (considered an adult in much of the world, still!) chooses to forgo post-secondary schooling, can find work right away in one of those factory/warehouse jobs as a material handler, junior assembler, or other entry-level job, and work their way up to something more stable that way.

I still admit Democrats interfere with others’ domestic affairs, I won’t disagree (like Obama did with Lydia)—but Republican politicians are still too often by far more often the warhawks by far, given how often they’re bribed by the military machine. I still stand by the belief we reduce our military to one’s that purely defensive, brings all our troops home, reduces the Pentagon’s budget by 80%+, and re-invest all that money into projects that really does benefit the American public. No involvement with any conflict unless it’s specifically on US soil; yes, this means breaking treaties…something we do all the time with Native Americans and anyone else when those treaties don’t suit our government.

My views on guns? Given my history of attempted suicide, I doubt I would ever pass a background test. I don’t think there’s any need for civilians or the police to need to own and use military-grade weapons. I don’t see the point of constantly increasing making it hard for lawful citizens to obtain a license when the FBI and police can’t even do their jobs properly. Ranchers need rifles to protect their herds (and Americans’ love of meat!) against predators who want to feast on their hearts; farmers need guns to hunt down wildlife feeding on their crops; homeowners have a right to defend their homes. While businesses and other private entities have the right to ban gun owners from bringing in their guns, I can’t vouch for whether government properties can because of the Second Amendment (regarding federal government properties) and what states allow under the Tenth Amendment (regarding states’ and local municipalities’ rights under those states’ rights and their respective state constitutions).

I think it’s not just the Democrat party, but our culture in general no longer encourages personal responsibility, and allow the younger generation to just blame everything and everyone around them if their lives are in a funk. How many times have I tried to get ahead in life, only to blame to my circumstances, rather than just continue to find another way to get ahead?

Republicans are also snowflakes when we call them out on their bigotry, because we as a society are no longer tolerant of anyone not male, white, straight, “Christian” being the butt of “jokes”; while I still agree there is a time and place for edgy humor—like when I joke I “changed teams” because I can’t multitask (a joke often referencing men vs women)—but when it’s at the expense of others, it’s no longer funny. Because while there is a time and place to agree to disagree, it’s okay over whether pineapple is okay on pizza, but not when it can severely, negatively affect a person’s rights and livelihood.

Yes, the Democrat and Republican parties of today are complete flips of what the parties were of yesteryear. Unfortunately, both parties are also more willing to cater to special interest groups, the DNC and RNC for fear of being dismembered, and big money—rather than cater to the average American anymore. However, I have to side with those whose general platform also better serves, if not outright protects, me and my right to live as a man. If radical religionists take control of the government, I may have to become a refugee and flee, so I can continue to live my life as a man.

I still think there’s a distinction between transsexualism and transgenderism, and I’m still not fond of the radicalism that’s been increasing amongst the “trans community”, wanting to destroy any and all distinction between men and women, making all of society “unisex” to accommodate their small number (which I think is even smaller than the numbers of “binary” transsexual men and women??) at the expense of everyone else. Let kids be kids; most non-trans people don’t enforce “gender stereotypes” as “queer theory” seems to believe, and I don’t think kids under the age of 10 or so need to be taught about “gender identity”. Yea…count me out most trans discussions.

I am in a good place now, where people regardless of their politics value me for my work ethic, initiative, sense of personal responsibility. Regardless of how government shifts, people will continue to do what they do, even if it means they go underground’s. I’m just a guy who’s now a metalhead, who just wants to make a steady paycheck while living a peaceful, quiet life…but I will leave that post for another day.

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