Russia and Ukraine have been at war with each other for well over a week now.

I mentioned before that my country—the USA—should no longer be involved in world affairs. This war (or whatever Russia is calling it) between Russia and Ukraine involves them, and has nothing to do with us. I don’t care who started it or why. I feel bad for our NATO and other European neighbors who are right next door. I cry for the Ukrainians who are displaced, on the run, living in fear. I empathize with Russians who are now seeing their savings worth nothing because of sanctions—this war has nothing to do with average everyday Russians, yet they are feeling economic hurt because of blanket sanctions instead of ones that should only be targeting specific oligarchs.

Our country at home is hurting. Inflation at its highest since the ’80s, yet wages not keeping up. Failing infrastructure. Homelessness skyrocketing as home prices inflate to prices most working-class (and many middle class?) can no longer afford to finance. Adult children living with parents longer and longer, to the point extended families have replaced nuclear families (as it was a long time ago, and still often found throughout the world) once again. Foster care is in ruins. Our education system is a mess, not just with university students and growing student debt, but even down to primary school as politics are dictating what children should and shouldn’t be learning or exposed to.

I also have no empathy for journalists who insist on being in the front lines of war. They needlessly put themselves at risk for capture or death just to grab headlines.

With all of our problems at home, we can’t afford to engage in a war that isn’t being fought on our soil. I feel bad at what’s playing out across the pond, but I hope we stay out of something that doesn’t involve us.

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