I finally have the chance to change domain registrars, so I re-registered my domains with a company I once used before. Why did I leave them in the first place?

List of domains that I own.
A list of the domains that I own, where my blog sits with my current (legal!) name, and 5 redirects based on former nicknames and aliases.

I first came across I Want My Name when I used to follow programmer, podcaster, and fellow blogger Marco Arment when I used to be a compsci (computer science) major way back in the day. (The link is a former sponsor of his.) At the time, I was just looking for something simple when I used to host my blog on Tumblr (which since I have tried to transfer to WordPress, but I have deleted many pointless reposts.) I have used IWMN for years, but had to switch to another registrar in order to get my name as a domain (after forking over almost USD $3000, which I still have no regret doing going one year strong). They maintain my domain name management (they focus solely on DNS [domain] management), while I host this blog itself separately elsewhere on Dreamhost, and use a third service that just supplies email services to users. (Nothing sponsored, endorsed, nor affilated.) While it can be a hassle using three separate services to run my blog, I reduce my chances of getting hacked and having everything stolen. I also keep everything registered with an email address not associated with any of my domains, so if they broke into my email account to try and transfer anything, it’d be much harder to do as that independent email has nothing to do with my domain.

I continue to keep my birth name and former aliases (and their frequent misspellings and variants) as redirects to my current name, for anyone trying to look me up. I keep my nickname and its two most frequent spellings as well, for people who may know me better as ”Charlie”/“Charley” instead of as ”Charles”. Yes, it costs a lot to keep and maintain, as I only use these 5 other URLs as simple redirects; I don’t host email, I don’t host other sites, I don’t use them for anything else.

These days I have downgraded myself from being ”tech-savvy” to ”tech-literate”, as I haven’t been keeping myself updated on more recent tech trends, habits, and such. However, I keep myself knowledgeable on very basic website management knowledge, so I can keep my costs low, help out friends establish websites if they want to start one, and because I think it’s time we get back to hosting our own content and not relying on social media to do it for us.

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