You knew it would eventually happen. I upgraded my Watch to the Watch Ultra. The best smartwatch yet. I have used my new Watch Ultra for over a week now, and I am glad I indulged in the splurge once more.

The side button finally got stuck after all the constant spray glue I use (which could happen again). The glass display was chipped from constantly banging it against pallets and everything else I was constantly wrapping for shipment. The dial would often not work, probably another result from how hands-on and physical my job could be.

Rather than take it to my local Apple Store to get it fixed/replaced and unstuck, I just traded it in and upgraded to the Ultra. I love the bigger screen; besides showing way more things on the screen at once, it’s easier to see outside, the edge is flat (rather than sloping off), is protected by a lip to protect from edge bangs, and has some kind of sapphire glass to help further protect it from dings and cracks. The titanium is also why I upgraded—supposed to be much stronger and better hold up against dings, scratches, and being handled hard.

An Apple Watch with the image of a giraffe on the watch face.
Not my usual watch band or watch face; I usually rotate between one of several Nike original or knockoff bands, most of which are solid black with a bright accent color. But as the the weather warms up, that extra-bright screen will help out with outdoor walks.

Given that I’ve only ever used the larger models of Watch (the 42/44/45mm varieties), I’m just glad all my watch bands are able to fit on it. No opinion on the band that came with it, as…I already threw it out. None of the Ultra bands were to my liking, so I didn’t care. Except for one leather band that has metallic links (which now better matches my new Watch over my prior black models), all my prior Nike bands still easily fit her…and make her look like a cheap Watch knockoff. 🤣

She is a thick boy, at 14mm thick that’s 40% thicker than my old watch. At 62 grams, considerably heavier than any of the steel watches; but she’s not so heavy she strains my wrist while wearing her. I always wore the black models—which are more muted in their appearance—so even though it’s a matte finish, the argent appearance of the titanium is taking some getting used to.

That the dial can still be easily used with gloves helps, as my job frequently requires me to wear gloves when handling my box knife.

I currently have the “active button” disabled because I can’t remap it to another app, and the limited set of functions it is set to, none of them I use enough (other than maybe for a workout function, but I don’t want to accidentally start it), and its bright orange accent is offputting for everyday use.

I am not an endurance runner, a diver, or an athlete of any kind. This watch, like my iPad or iPhone, is completely overkill for I want or use it for—a completely average user. I use my Watch for Pay when hitting my local convenience store to pay for things, as my iPhone is still in my car as it was playing music. I use the Fitness app to record my workouts. I use her to make and receive calls and texts when on a forklift, when it’s too risky to take out my iPhone—or on the toilet but left my iPhone on my desk. I use her to set reminders daily, being the forgetful shmuck that I often am.

I don’t need the Watch Ultra—I just found an excuse to upgrade her for the bigger screen, flat display, and improved resistance to smashes and bangs. I just want it, not even to flex, but just because I wanted an Watch with the biggest screen possible that also happened to be extra durable.

When I eventually move out, I’d rather have these now-overkills that I own, as they will last far longer than any of the base products Apple launches and maintain. I won’t be able to afford much on my paycheck then—so I might as well enjoy these splurges while I can!

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