“Trans” encompasses anyone who thinks they suffer from a delusion called “gender dysphoria”, a superset term that includes “transsexuals”, transgender, genderqueer/non-binary, agender, and other individuals. Usually cross-dressers who suffer a history of trauma, abuse, and mental illness, they believe in a gender ideology that counters biology and common sense—with men who want to play in women’s sports, girls who think men have it “easier” and so “transition” thinking they can get ahead more easily, and radicals who want to turn society upside down to cater to their delusion.



Telling me I’m not like “other trans people” is a compliment I enjoy.

  • September 19, 2022
  • Trans

Trans ≠ LGB

It’s time to separate the “LGB” from the “T”, because the two communities are different in their causes.

Sports Paradox.

Trans women have no space in professional women’s sports. They have too much of an advantage, even after a sex change.


I dropped “concierge medicine” in favor of seeing a provider who takes my insurance.