Revenue Disclosure Policy

This blog is my hobbyI don’t make money from it.

This blog is personally written, edited, and published solely by me. I do not—nor will not—accept any form of cash or monetary payment, advertising, sponsorship, affiliations (even affiliated links), paid topic insertions, or any other forms of compensation. I will NOT accept nor keep free products, services, travel arrangements, event tickets, kickbacks, bribes, and other forms of compensation or reimbursement from companies, organizations, government entities, non-profits, private citizens, or otherwise to post content.

Because I refuse to make income from my blog and online prescence, there is no external nor other third-party influence over content, topics, posts, or other content I create. My opinions are strictly my own, and do not reflect the ideas, ideologies, creeds, demographics or points of view of anything I’m a member of—at times my own personal opinion will be at odds with who and what I do identify or align with, or who others may decide I am a member of but do not consider myself a member of. They may grow, evolve, or change over time. At the same time, I more than likely will be influenced by my personal background, spirituality, politics, and/or experience.

I am not compensated to provide my opinion on products, services, websites, politics, controversies, etc. Any products, services, etc. mentioned or reviewed is because I personally purchased, used, and like—or hate—them; they are not endorsements. I also do not accept anything to have my opinions published elsewhere on the internet to show “endorsement”; if this happens, that company is violating copyright law and using my material for profit without my consent.

Anything I link to are not affiliation, endorsement, kickback, or other types of links that could provide financial benefit—it’s because I think they’re useful.

Any products or services I do mention that I use, license, or own is bought and paid for with my own personal funds.

Ads on embedded content do not benefit this blog.

Any advertisements you see on embedded content do not originate from this blog, have nothing to do wit this blog, do not benefit this blog financially or otherwise. I have no input into what ads are shown on embedded content I include on my blog; however, I only try to include from YouTube channels, websites, and other hosts whose content I generally agree with, so as not to risk having ads pop up on their content that are antithema to my blog, my content, my ethics and morals, my politics, my opinions, and so forth.

If you see any other ads than those on embedded content, run a malware scanner, because I do not run this blog to make money—it’s a goddamn hobby. I do not show ads on my blog.

You run your own risks using anything I recommend.

I make no claim to be knowledgeable on any topic, product, service, or anything else, and may be prone to errors, if not the absence of some key information—info and opinions I provide are “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

I am not in any way, shape, or form responsible for the behaviors, responses, or opinions of you or anyone else. I am not liable to you or anyone else for any decision you make, any action you take in reliance on the information here; nor for any consequential, special or similar damages you cause, even when I advise of the possibility of such damages. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation should have you verify with the manufacturer or provider yourself.

I blog for fun, as it was originally meant to be. I am not a spoiled, self-centered ”content creator” who expects viewers, patrons, ads, affiliates, sponsorships, basically everyone else to pay for my income for something I want to do for fun. I work, like everyone else; I pay my own way to host this blog, for everything I buy.

I will try to link to this as best I can if I think I need to.
Originally published March 15, 2020. Last modified on May 9, 2022 to remove reference for clarity and expansion.